Moos Trails

Moos Trails is Wales's top elite level dirt jump facility. Built entirely through volunteer labour, under the expert guidance of Digger Dan, Moos attracts riders from all over the world. Clyne Riders has campaigned hard to stop this amazing facility from being destroyed. By petitioning Swansea Council and local politicians our hard work has resulted in an agreement being reached. The larger machine built jumps have now been removed and the site is now entirely hand made.

The trails are only open to ride when the ground is dry. If the gates are closed and/or the tarps are on then the trails are closed and should not be ridden. Dan is always looking for help digging and this is a great way too get to know the locals.

More info on the Save Moos Face Book Group if you would like to know if the trails are open and/or would like to help dig just ask.
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Adam Williams Styling it up with a big table on his mountain bike. Photo - Sam Davies
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Dan boosting his BMX on the hip. Photo - Bils
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Dan is always looking for new recruits to help him with the digging. Photo - Dan

Clyne Jumps

Sadly Clyne Jumps have been neglected over the last few years. This was due to the jumps being closed by the council due to planning issues. Clyne Riders hopes to develop Clyne Jumps into an excellent all-weather jump site suitable from beginners up to expert riders. Some of the lines are ridable now and some riders have decided to take it into their own hands to improve the jump site in the meantime. Please check out the CR Facebook Group for more info.